Please use other plugins like jQuery hashchange.

About jQuery history

jQuery history plugin helps you to support back/forward buttons and bookmarks in your javascript applications. You can store the application state into URL hash and restore the state from it.

Download jquery.history.js

Supported browsers

This plugin is built on hashchange event, which is defined in HTML5 and supported in most modern browsers. Unless it is supported the plugin works on some fallback mechanisms:

Known issues

IE6, 7, and IE8 compatibility mode
Back/forward button will not work if you refresh the page and the document is reloaded.
IE8 standards mode
The current hash will not be recorded in the history if you update the URL hash by hand or loading bookmarks.
IE6, 7, and 8
When you redirect the browser to the page where you are using the history plugin, modifying the hash results in a reload, and therefore the plugin will not work properly.